Address: Approximately 22 miles (35 km) away from Jorge Chávez International Airport. Because Ancón is in Lima, it is possible to take Uber (or taxi) from Central Lima, but I imagine it would cost over 150 soles (U.S. $50).

It was my last day in Peru. But my flight was not until past 1 a.m. What was I going to do between the time I checked out of the hotel and the time the Delta plane leaves Lima? I looked at the map, and I learned about a place called Ancón. Ancón is actually part of the Province of Lima (northwest of the airport) and is connected to Central Lima through the Pan-American Highway. Around the turn of the 20th century, Ancón was an upscale beach resort. Today, however, Lima’s aristocracy prefers the beaches south of Lima: Punta Hermosa, Punta Negra and Santa Maria del Mar, but they are all more than 60 km away. Ancón is only 35 km from the airport. So I decided to go to Ancón. I further decided to have some adventure by taking the public transportation. Traffic in Lima is horrendous, but I had more than 12 hours, so I could afford to get stuck in traffic and get lost along the way. Fortunately, after 2.5 hours I arrived in Ancón. That’s not bad, even considering the distance is only 35 km. I took a total of 4 different buses. I even climbed to a bridge to catch the second to the last bus on my way to Ancón. It is great that all buses in Lima post their destinations on the windshield, which helped me decide which bus to take. Thanks also to Google Maps; I knew whether I should wait for the bus on this side of the road or on the opposite side. It’s just that I could not take out my cellphone from my pocket, as Lima is known not to be safe. Miraflores and San Isidro are safe, but in the rest of Lima opportunistic theft is rampant. Being able to speak Spanish helps a lot! All important information is written in Spanish, and if you need help, do not expect people to understand (let alone, speak) English.

Obelisco Casa de Ancón

Ancón also has a special place in Peru’s history. The bay was used as a natural port during the War of the Pacific with Chile. The historic treaty that ended the war among Peru, Chile and Bolivia on October 20, 1883 was signed in Ancon.

At the Plaza de Armas in every city in Peru, there is always a church. This is called “Iglesia de San Pedro of Ancón,” which was built in 1945. The old Church was destroyed in the 1940 earthquake.

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