Address: About 1.6 miles (2.5 km) from Capitán FAP Guillermo Concha Iberico International Airport. Yes, Piura is a small town, but there are taxis (very old cars).

I took the Oltursa bus from Lima to Piura. I preferred “bus cama,” as it is possible to recline my seat to a full horizontal position (i.e., 180 degrees). However, the bus cama seats were all sold out; I could only avail of what is called “semi-cama,” which reclines up to 145 degrees. The bus left San Isidro at 4 p.m. and by early morning the next day I was in Piura. The trip cost less than U.S. $30. Not bad, considering Piura is 600 miles (980 km) from Lima.

Every major city in Peru has a Plaza Mayor. And every Plaza Mayor has a big church. This is La Catedral de Piura, which was founded in 1588.

Can you guess what these trees are? I was told that these are tamarind trees. The Plaza has quite a few of these tamarind trees. At the center lies the “Pola,” a statue made of marble representing freedom. It was given by José Balta (President of Peru from 1868 to 1872) around 1870.

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