As a Civil War buff, I am fortunate that in the last few years I had the opportunity to live in Richmond, Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia — cities that are teeming with history. Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy. What about Atlanta? During the American Civil War, the Federals recognized that Atlanta was a vital transportation and logistics center. Not surprisingly, Abraham Lincoln understood that the “Gate City of the South” had to fall into Union’s hands. In 1864, Union General William Sherman invaded the Confederate heartland. After ordering the civilian population to evacuate, Sherman’s troops burned all public buildings and destroyed all possible Confederate assets, except hospitals and churches. Four years after the Civil War ended, the Georgia Railroad freight depot was built to replace what was crushed by Sherman’s forces. The depot is the oldest building in downtown Atlanta and is located at the entrance of Underground Atlanta. It is now used for banquets, weddings, trade shows and other events.

Knowing how busy this part of town is, I parked my car in Doraville Station, and I took Marta (Atlanta subway) to get to Underground Atlanta. My goal was to test my camera’s capability to capture images in black and white. Just when I decided to get out of the underground tunnel, it started to rain hard…. I had to go back to the station where I parked my car. When I boarded the train, the rain stopped. Was Mother Nature playing a bad joke on me?

underground atlanta





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